Hyde Park Iceman

hydepark_iceman_smallSigns of Spring come differently for every year. Last year we had already had temperatures in the upper 70’s by St. Patrick’s Day and in years past we would see a huge crop of flowers pushing up from the ground in unison or flocks of robins and sparrows. This year we were greeted one rainy morning with the “Ice Man” of Hyde Park.

For several days and nights this figure has graced the top of one of the cast iron posts that ring the intersection of 13th and Eastman in the heart of Hyde Park. He appears to be almost transparent but glows brightly in the morning sun and in the head lights of cars at night.

Despite being completely naked and exposed to the elements and those who would typically vandalize something like this, the Ice Man has endured for several nights.

The artist is a young woman who came by the Sun Ray Cafe to sit and watch people’s reaction to her creation. Hopefully he will stick around for a while – but when his time comes, he will be gone!


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