About Us

All About Northend.org

The Northend.org web site was created in 2000 to insure that the North End community would be provided with a subjective view of the important issues and opportunities we are facing in one of the great, dynamic neighborhoods of the West.

Northend.org is dedicated to preserving the values and characteristics that makes the Northend the unique and progressive community it is by doing my part to educate people about the historic and cultural treasures that are part of our area.

Historic and local data, information and content available at Northend.org has been developed with the assistance of people like Todd Shallat, Boise’s first City Historian, author and professor; input from neighbors and more. The opinions expressed at Northend.org and our companion social media pages and groups are our own. We feel they reflect the overall progressive political, lifestyle and cultural attitudes of Northenders and people who carry the North End with them wherever they go.

My Bio

I am a third (or fourth) generation Idahoan. I graduated from Boise High School in 1969, and then started my higher education at Boise College. That was interrupted by a brief trip to boot camp in Fort Lewis, Washington after being drafted. I returned to Boise State in 1970. During my time at Boise State I was also involved with the campaigns of Frank Church, Cecil Andrus, John Evans and numerous other Democratic and independent political hopefuls.

I finished my college studies in 1975 and headed to McCall to operate a restaurant business. In 1977 I returned to Boise, managed a law firm for my friend Cumer Green and eventually started getting more involved with North End issues. In 1979 I started putting together the work it would take to open a restaurant in Hyde Park.

While I didn’t open the restaurant, I was able to do most of the work needed to allow the Hyde Park Pub to open in 1981. Work llike rezoning, creating a local improvement district (LID) and so on lead to the redevelopment of the area in the early 80’s. By mobilizing Hyde Park merchants and forming the Hyde Park Merchants Association, we also paved the way for the continuation of the Hyde Park Street Fair which began in 1979 through the efforts of neighbors, Hyde Park businesses and others who loved Hyde Park and our North End lifestyle.

In late 1980 I started my career in the computer business. In 1999 I started a small web, marketing and design business in the North End. Since that time my focus has been on enabling small businesses and nonprofits, emphasizing the power of local, sustainable business practices and collaboration. Clients include local groups like the Boise River Park, the Basque Museum and Cultural Center, Euskaldunak – the Basque Center, Boise State Basque Studies Program, and others around the country like Inner City Players of Portland, Oregon. Many of the supporters you see listed on the pages of Northend.org and in the Northend Supporter pages are local clients.

North End Creative – marketing, social media & design

necreative_logoNorth End Creative started in the North End way back in 1999 as iPlan. We were a full service web design, development and hosting business serving clients like HP, Extended Systems and Micron. Today we are focused on hyper-local marketing.

And, while you’re here, enjoy this fun video we helped make happen and produce with Idaho River Sports.  For more information, please feel free to contact me by calling 208-462-0266 or email me at dave@northend.org.  Thanks!