Fort Street Market


This central location was owned and anchored by M&W Markets from the time it was built in the 1950s until the Boise Co-op made it their third home. The Boise Co-op is a North End tradition since the early 70’s when it was founded in Hyde Park.

Other longtime businesses in Fort Street Marketplace are Jim’s Coffee Shop, which has now closed and the rooster moved, and Mike’s Barber Shop, which is the last of the original businesses located in the district. Fort Street Marketplace is located on Fort Street between 8th and 9th across from St. Joe’s School and is the center of commercial development for a surrounding area of several blocks.

Fort Street Marketplace Area Businesses

Boise Co-op
Pho & Vegan
Fort Street Station
Cinderella Beauty Salon
Mike’s Barber Shop

Photo courtesy of Thom George… more here!

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