Hull’s Gulch Reserve

Location: North 8th Street Extension behind Camel’s Back hill.

Facilities: Walking and mountain bike paths. Dog Off Leash (DOLA) area – click here for rules.


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Hull’s Gulch was purchased and preserved through the cooperation of Boise City and the efforts of Boise’s citizens.


The Hulls Gulch and Foothills area is perched above the Boise skyline and the North End.

While this area contains numerous important environmental values such as rare plants, wintering range, and riparian corridors, it is also the heart of recreation in the Foothills and is a critical linkage in the Ridge to Rivers trail system. Private lands in the complex contain 6.5 miles of trail that provide direct access to additional 40+ miles of trails on public lands. This is the cornerstone to the Foothills Plan being developed by the City.

Resource – City of Boise Parks and Recreation: Hull’s Gulch/Military Reserve Complex (2000)

Boise Foothills Campaign

The special levy asked voters to approve public funds to purchase remaining open space in the Boise Foothills. The Foothills open space will protect native vegetation to prevent mudflows and washouts; protect lands that improve water quality; protect important wildlife habitat; create regional opportunities for picnicking, hiking, biking and walking. Leave a legacy for our children and grandchildren, because the Foothills are a big part of our Northend lifestyle.

Wild Idaho web site – Idaho Conservation League

Boise Foothills Open Space Campaign at (208) 345-6933

Information: (208) 384-4240
Boise City Parks and Recreation