C.W. Moore Park

C.W. Moore contains may of the building and architectural elements from the great buildings from Boise’s history in a compact, interesting urban park setting.

Location: N. 5th and Front Streets south of the Belgravia building at N. 5th and Main.


C. W. (Christopher Wilkinson) Moore (1835-1916), pioneer, merchant, and founder of Idaho First National Bank was active in all aspects of Idaho life. He got his start in Silver City founding the C. W. Moore and Company. C.W. Moore built a new house on Warm Springs Avenue in 1892 and piped in water from nearby hot springs to make it the first geothermally heated home in the United States.

His daughter was Laura Moore Cunningham who also left a legacy of conservation and benevolence for the people of the city and Idaho in general.


The park contains one of the original Boise canal water wheels, arches, corner stones, stone work and engraved stone and steel columns and edifices of historic buildings.

Facilities: On bus routes, drinking water, bike racks and great meditation.

Information: (208) 384-4240

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