Let’s bring TRICA to life!

Fall 2017 fundraising campaign video

TRICA is located on Eastman Street in Hyde Park and brings the arts to the Treasure Valley’s children. TRICA (short for Treasure Valley Institute for Children’s Arts) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to offering quality arts education through programs after school, in-school, during summer, at libraries, and anywhere there’s a group of children.

TRICA has educated and inspired more than 50,000 children throughout the Treasure Valley since it began over 15 years ago. TRICA fills the missing gap of quality art education in financially pinched school systems. The refurbishment of the church fills another need, restoring the spirit of a cherished landmark and imbuing another thread of brilliant color in the tapestry of the North End.

TRICA Is founded on the belief that art education has a unique power to inspire children towards a higher standard of excellence, creativity, and expression that will pour over into other areas of their education, career path, relationships, ambitions and life. TRICA provides meaningful experiences in the arts taught by outstanding and loving educators, inspiring the children of the Treasure Valley to develop attitudes and values contributing to a stronger sense of good will, humanity, community and education.

TRICA has never turned away a student for the inability to pay for our tuition-based programs. This costs us over $10,000 per year in scholarship funds. Please help us by sponsoring a student or tuition-free program today.

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