Freak Alley

Freak Alley is a “notable venue” for murals, graffiti and public art located in an alley in downtown Boise. It is said to be the largest outdoor gallery in the Northwest, and has been a Boise institution since 2002. It began with a painting of a single alley doorway and now extends from the alley itself to gravel parking lot.

Freak Alley was established by Colby Akers, Freak Alley Gallery. According to an article from the Arbiter, Akers fell into the project by originally having the opportunity to paint the side of the Moon’s Cafe on the far side of what is now the completed alley. Many neighboring businesses saw this and wanted him to continue his work farther into the space to cover the back of their building. As of 2020, Melissa Nodzu is the new face of Freak Alley. She can be contacted at

Extant murals painted over and replaced by new murals (or incorporated into them) every few years. It has featured prominently in a survey of ten mid-sized American cities with thriving artistic communities in which Boise ranked second.

Freak Alley relies solely on donation and volunteer work to operate the indoor and outdoor facility and accepts anyone interested in becoming a part of its culture. 

We’re excited to add a new gallery of Freak Alley photos by Louis Ruth. Check out Louis’ gallery website by clicking here