Road Cycling

Boise has long been considered one of the top cycling towns in America since the advent of the Women’s Challenge Stage Race in the 1980’s which finished in Hyde Park. The act was followed for one (very short) year by the Exergy Challenge women’s stage race.

We are also so very fortunate to have the North End’s own Kristin Armstrong as an ambassador for both Boise and cycling. She competed in the Women’s Challenge years ago and went on to become the world’s best time trial cyclists capturing and unprecedented third straight gold medal in the event at the Rio Olympics.

Bicycling Magazine ranks Boise in its top 50 cycling communities and other national media outlets often cite Boise as one of the best for biking anywhere. With the success of Boise cyclists in national, international and regional competitions, there is much to be said for the groups below like BYRDS, designed specifically for young rider development.


The Boise Young Rider Development Squad (BYRDS) is a Treasure Valley bicycling program designed to introduce youth (ages 6 to 18) to the sport of cycling. The goal of this program is to provide interested junior boys and girls the training, and the understanding of equipment, rules, safety and the benefits of cycling as a lifelong sport.

BYRDS Cycling welcomes new riders and families to the club. We currently have over 140 young members who participate in weekly road, mountain bike, and cyclocross rides, events and races. Weekly training rides start in February, and extend throughout the summer into October. Come ride with us….everyone rides. Many rides start and end at Camels Back Park.  Check out the B.Y.R.D.S. – Boise Young Riders Development Squad website by clicking here.

Treasure Valley Cycling Alliance

Treasure Valley Cycling Alliance (TVCA) works in the Boise and surrounding communities so that people can bicycle safely, lawfully, and enjoyably. TVCA was established as a General Non-Profit Corporation in the State of Idaho on January 22, 2004. The alliance is organized for charitable and educational purposes consistent with section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Our Mission Is to raise awareness that bicycling is a healthful, economical, and practical mode of transportation; and ensure that people of all ages can ride bicycles competently, safely and lawfully. We are gathering the knowledge and experience of local bicyclists in order to help the Treasure Valley be a community whose citizens understand the importance of bicycling and whose elected and appointed officials recognize the rights and needs of bicyclists for the sake of community well being. Visit the TVCA website here.

Community Bicycle Rides

Community Bicycle Rides (CBR’s) offers free training rides to prepare people for charity rides and touring events such as the Treasure Valley Charity Bike Series – Cycle for Independence, Bob LeBow, Blue Cruise & Bike MS Ride – as well as touring events such as Tour de Wyoming and Ride Idaho.

Our training rides are hosted, no-drop, and last 2-4 hours. The training terrain is mostly rolling hills and flats. The pace ranges from 14-18 MPH. We offer short course and long course options. Short course routes are slower paced and flatter terrain. Road bikes are ideal. Hybrids and cross-bikes will work also. Helmets and a signed waiver are mandatory. Music players such as IPOD’s are not allowed.  Visit the website by clicking here.

Lost River Cycling

Intermountain Orthopaedics/Lost River Cycling is the largest, most active cycling club (both competitive and recreational) in Idaho. Lost River Cycling was founded in 1996 in Mackay, Idaho by Andy Bopp. Mackay is situated along the Big Lost River and since 1984 has been the host of the Northwest’s oldest mountain bike race – the White Knob Challenge. Lost River Cycling was created to promote that race and to promote mountain biking in Eastern Idaho.

Andy and his family moved to Boise and brought the LRC concept and it began to grow. In the fall of 1999, Andy and Rich Brown organized the LRC race team. LRC was a new face on the Boise cycling scene and had remarkable racing success. In 2001, LRC added a co-ed club to the organization. In 2003, the physicians and surgeons of Intermountain Orthopaedics took on the main sponsorship of the race squad and club.

This range of activities is a manifestation of the overall philosophy of LRC which is simple. We want to help people get even greater enjoyment from riding their bicycles. To do this LRC strives to provide numerous opportunities for cyclists, ranging from: Those who desire to race; Those who desire to race in the future but want to ride with experienced riders in a non-competitive environment first; Those who enjoy cycling with a group but have no desire to race. Click here to learn more.

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