Community action and responsibility are two of the core values of Northenders. From volunteering at school with the PTO or in the classroom, to regional or global activism, we all have a stake in the future of the world – and your neighborhood is a great place to start.

On these pages you will find many of our North End nonprofits featured from time to time and get to know what they do and why. You will also see stories about people who have made a tremendous difference in the community and beyond.

It is part of the mission of and it is a personal mission “to make the world a safer place for children”. How that mission plays out involves everything from working to prevent domestic abuse to  ensuring all children have a safe place to live, clean water and access to basic healthcare and education.

Sometime our efforts reach into the Idaho statehouse.  We engage with voters on relevant issues to the community at large. We work to be part of critical public policy discussions so we can weigh in on issues important to all of us. Civic engagement has proven time and time again to be important in building strong communities.

If you are a nonprofit, or are considering creating one to fill a need, check out the Idaho Nonprofit Center, located right here in the North End, for advice and guidance. To visit their website click here.

Video from the Idaho Nonprofit Center’s Idaho Gives! campaign.