Boise Today

Boise is one of the West’s most dynamic cities in many ways. And the lifestyle and recreation opportunities are equally dynamic. From the public/private efforts to protect our beautiful Boise Foothills to creating new economic and recreation opportunities, Boise has come a long way since its low point in the 1970’s. We’ve protected our historic heritage, neighborhoods and schools far better than we did previously; we’ve inspired and organized our citizens to emphasize liveability and sustainability; built into every discussion best practices for planning and development, and more.

Examples of this dynamic citizen involvement are everywhere. Over $30 Million in new private/public recreation projects have been developed since 2010 alone and there are more to come in the years ahead. Projects being completed or underway today include Simplot’s JUMP in downtown and Esther Simplot Park. The Boise River Park Phase 1 was completed in 2012 and is already one of the premier whitewater and river surfing destinations in the world. Phase 2 was funded by the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Foundation and will be completed in 2017. The latest public project completed in 2016 is Rhodes Skate Park, a world-class urban skatepark located downtown. All of these great projects are within minutes of the North End!

We have a long history of public/private partnerships that began with Boise’s “String of Jewels” park system along the beautiful Boise River.

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