Boise VA & Fort Boise

Fort Boise and VA Grounds

The beautiful grounds of the site are open to the public. Please respect the residents of the hospital and the two Veteran’s homes that operate on the site.


Begun by a British firm, the original Fort Boise was established in 1834 as a direct competitor to the nearby Fort Hall. It was first located along the Snake River near the present town of Parma, Idaho (see illustration below). The original fort served as a supply point along the Oregon Trail until 1854, when it was abandoned due to flooding and Indian attacks.

In 1863, the military constructed a new Fort Boise in what is now Boise. Near the site is the O’Farrell cabin, Boise’s first permanent residence. The VA Hospital and military reserve are prominent features that remain on the original site of which much of the reserve has been transferred to the City.


Old Fort Boise – A replica has been built in Parma, Idaho

Although small in size, Boise VA Medical Center is large in the number of services provided and over the years has developed an enviable reputation for quality and innovation. Situated on a 57-acre tract that was once old Fort Boise, the medical center is easily accessible from any of the city’s residential areas.

The park-like grounds, on the edge of Boise’s downtown business district, are considered one of the show places in our “city of trees.”

Veteran’s Administration Information on the Boise Veteran’s Center – click here.