North End Schools

The North End is full schools that are not only well-supported by the community, but are considered to be architectural landmarks. We universally agree that our schools are neighborhood anchors that create uniquely enriching educational settings for our kids. These include both public schools and great private schools like Saint Joe’s.

The North End has become an example of how the continued use of historic schools as educational facilities benefits kids as well as keeping the neighborhood vibrant. The mix of kids walking to and from school and riding bikes adds to the congestion and chaos of our neighborhood, but the laughter and joy that comes with these types of schools is irreplaceable.

Want to learn more about how you can help, visit the Boise Independent School District site by clicking here and learn more about volunteering in our schools!

Green Schools

The next step in the evolution of school facilities is LEED certification. The Children’s School on North 8th Street became the first LEED certified Green School in May, 2012. The certification process was built into the school’s remodel project and was announced in the press release available by clicking here. More information about Green Schools is available by clicking here.

Boise High School National Recognition

Boise High School was nearly abandoned by the Boise Independent School District in the mid 90’s in favor of creating a cross-town mega school. The neighborhood, alum and historic preservationists not only united to stall the proposal but raised money to expand and renovate the school.

For our efforts, Boise High School has been selected by the National Trust for Historic Places as a Historic Schools success story. Click here to read the National Trust for Historic Preservation case study that includes Boise High School.

For more about Boise High – click here.