North End Pets

The Reasons Dogs are Our Best Friends
By Brytt Adamson (revised)
They are faithful to the end.
They do not lie or cheat or steal,
As many of your human friends will.
They do not fight and hold a grudge,
Nor do they criticize or judge.
Dogs love you no matter how you look,
You are always top notch in their book.
Tell them your secrets, they’ll listen all day,
And never repeat a word that you say.
A dog will love you for just who you are,
Not the size of your waist or the make of your car.
Unlike most people, dogs are honest and real,
They’ll always let you know just how they feel.
There is nothing as pure as the love from a dog,
Whether arriving home from work or taking a jog.
Your dog will be right there at your side,
Just delighted to be along for the ride.
They do not ask for much in return from you,
Just your unconditional love and affection will do!

Our best buddies and companions

Most often the first pet you have is a dog. Dogs are a very frequent choice of parents who are searching for a suitable pet for their kids. Many adults choose to purchase, or better yet, adopt a dog because this animal is rightfully known as the “people’s best friend”.

They are, as the poem desicribes them, faithful to the end….

Dogs were one of first domesticated animals and have long been an extension of our lives in many ways. They are our guardians and companions, as well as fullfilling roles as workers. They have also become recognized for their therapeutic skills and intelligence. But most of all, they are loyal beyond question.

One such “North End Dog” was Wilma. Wilma was not only her “mom’s” best friend, she was also multi-faceted. She was a bed warmer, office assistant and developed many unusual skills like kayaking. RIP Wilma.

But let’s not forget all of the other choices as well. Cats are, well, cats. They are a unique animal that both desires our attention and at times seems repulsed by us. They are what they are…. independent. Or could I say co-dependent?

More to come…….