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Boise’s North End: “The liberal bastion of Idaho”

It’s said that all you need is two people to have politics – no matter how much they agree, they will find room for disagreement. Northenders aren’t unique in this regard. Generally it isn’t the issue that they will disagree on but the approach to solving the problem. Most Idahoans consider themselves to be independent thinkers and they will almost always tell you that they vote for the candidate not the party. That may be true, unless you’re a Republican 😉

(Note on the GOP… I have known and respected quite a few Republicans. People like Orval Hansen, Pete Cenarrusa, Ben Ysursa, D19 Idaho legislator Kitty Guernsey and Ada County Clerk Chris Rich were and are friends whom I admire. Even in today’s hyper-polarized Idaho politics I have found admiration for Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden.) 

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  1. johnny warren says:

    Don’t you think it is hypocritical to single out a group of people (republicans) when you are talking about how the people of Idaho vote for the candidate and not the party. Sounds like you are settled on one side of the aisle yourself.

    1. Dave says:

      Not hypocritical at all. Northenders have always strongly resisted the imposition of ultra conservative religious beliefs on our way of life.

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