Election 2022

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Shiva Rising

Editor’s Notes And yet to this day, when I look at my textbooks, there’s nothing in them about climate change to teach young people about it and what they can do. That needs to change. ~ from Shiva’s September 15, 2022 interview for Sierra Magazine. Newly elected Boise Independent School District Trustee is a rising…

Open Letter of Support for IFS

Editor’s note: In the face of the emotional and, at times, abusive nature of the opposition to the State Street shelter and Interfaith Sanctuary, the Boise faith-based community rallied to support expanded homeless support. This was originally published on February 10, 2022. Boise Faith Group raises their voices in support of Interfaith Sanctuary As interfaith…

More Interfaith Sanctuaries

Interfaith Sanctuary – meeting eh challenges of homelessness head on. @sanctuaryboise #boise #homelessness #shelter