Groaning About Upzoning

Groaning About #Upzoning. – thoughts on the process and how we can do even more for affordable housing. #boise #zoning #planning #housing #homelessness #poverty

Open Letter of Support for IFS

Editor’s note: In the face of the emotional and, at times, abusive nature of the opposition to the State Street shelter and Interfaith Sanctuary, the Boise faith-based community rallied to support expanded homeless support. This was originally published on February 10, 2022. Boise Faith Group raises their voices in support of Interfaith Sanctuary As interfaith…

More Interfaith Sanctuaries

Interfaith Sanctuary – meeting eh challenges of homelessness head on. @sanctuaryboise #boise #homelessness #shelter

Boise’s Housing Imperative

In his March, 2018 article “How Boise could keep at least keep some Downtown housing affordable,” Idaho Statesman journalist Sven Berg led off with the following statement: “As Downtown booms, housing is more expensive than ever. Rents for newly built one-bedroom apartments are as high as $1,700. Old housing is getting more expensive, too. If…