NENA Recall Comments

Over the course of the past several months, culminating with a vote today on March 18, 2021, we’ve heard from dozens of North End residents who have taken the time to articulate their concerns. I have selected two of them to showcase. From: Jennifer Holweger StevensComment dated: 3/16/2021 I used to serve on the board…

Open Letter to the “old” NENA Board

An open letter to the “old” NENA BoardBy John Lewellyn, former Board member and neighbor(Updated 02/09/2021) With the ending of the lawsuit against some of us and with the seating of the “new” Board members, I think it is time for me to write to you about my experience of the past few years on…


“It is with a fearless heart and mind that I embrace altruism.”
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