Election 2022

Our take on local races, initiatives, statewide candidates and issues. #Idaho #IDpol #IDleg #election2022

Shiva Rising

Editor’s Notes And yet to this day, when I look at my textbooks, there’s nothing in them about climate change to teach young people about it and what they can do. That needs to change. ~ from Shiva’s September 15, 2022 interview for Sierra Magazine. Newly elected Boise Independent School District Trustee is a rising…

2021 Boise City Election

Opinion: Our #BoiseCityCouncil picks for #election2021 are totally and unabashedly subjective. We favor a progressive agenda, not taking 3 steps backwards with Tom Luna’s GOP picks.

Boise’s Housing Imperative

In his March, 2018 article “How Boise could keep at least keep some Downtown housing affordable,” Idaho Statesman journalist Sven Berg led off with the following statement: “As Downtown booms, housing is more expensive than ever. Rents for newly built one-bedroom apartments are as high as $1,700. Old housing is getting more expensive, too. If…