IMHO: Take Back NENA

NENA in crisis, special interests resisted as we strive to protect our unique culture and traditions.

#snowmageddon 2016/2017

Featured image of Boise River by Jocelyn Pulver One of the great anecdotes that has characterized Boise’s weather over the years is Boise is where “you can ski in the morning, then play a round a golf after lunch.” And then there’s #snowtato turned #snowmaggedon – Winter 2016/2017 will be one to remember. Snowmageddon 2017 has… Website

The original website started taking shape in 2000 and consisted mostly of plain HTML pages linked together into a working website. It was really good by the standards of the day and it got a lot of notice across the country. Very few neighborhoods had their own website, and those that did and who shared our…