2020 COVID-19 Halloween

Enjoy a self-guided walking tour of decorated homes and try to spot scavenger hunt items throughout the North End from October 23-30.

North End Frontline Love

One thing that always comes through as a strength of our North End community is selfless giving. Over the past 40 years or more I have seen am increase in giving across the board. Not only is this an important part of our culture, it is a fundamental value we all share. From creating great…

COVID-19 in the North End

I am curating the positive from the #NorthEndBoise in a blog post. Includes telephone pole #art, #stayathome #bearhunt and more

Boise Elections 2019

Our mantra for Boise is Boise 2nd Best Never. Say no to the “shamers and blamers” and help Boise keep moving forward with pragmatic, progressive leaders who are seeking real solutions to our growth, transportation, housing and development issues. Personally speaking, I oppose groups like Boise Working Together and their support network of pseudo progressives…