DOLA Rules

Dog Off Leash (DOLA)

The Board of Directors of the Foothills Conservation Advisory Committee have been coming together with the help of the Ridges to Rivers director and other City Parks and Recreation staff to formulate the new plans for the DOLA trails in Hulls Gulch, Military Reserve, Bogus Basin, etc.

Dog Off Leash Resources

Dog Off Leash trail map for Hulls Gulch (2011) click here

Comprehensive information available on the City website by clicking here

For more, visit the Boise Trail Dog Facebook page by clicking here.


This is a dog park; toddlers and small children do not belong in the dog area.

This is not a children’s playground; it is a dog off-leash area. Some dogs are not use to being around children, and may react negatively. We encourage you to keep your child within arms reach at all times and not allow toddlers to run at will.


  • You are legally responsible for your dog’s behavior and any injuries or damages he/she causes.
  • Never leave your dog(s) unattended or allow them out of sight.
  • Never leave the area without your dog(s).
  • Always clean up after your dog. Remove and dispose of waste in bins provided.
  • Always carry a leash; leash dog(s) when entering/leaving park.
  • Gates, where present, must be kept closed at all times.
  • Be prepared to encounter children in the DOLA. If your dog is not comfortable around children, please try to alert the parents and keep distance between the two.


  • If you’re 8 and under, you must be accompanied by an adult.
  • If you are uncomfortable around dogs, please ask your parents not to bring you to the area.
  • No running. This triggers a prey and chase response and may lead to injury.


  • You must wear a visible and current license.
  • If you’re in heat, stay home; likewise if you’re an un-neutered male.
  • If you’re aggressive or like to bully other dogs or animals or start fights, you’re not welcome, period.
  • For safety reasons, please remove pinch, spike or choke collars and halters prior to entering the area; we don’t want anyone getting hurt.

Boise City Code

  • Park is open from sunrise to sunset.
  • Dogs may not harass humans or other animals.
  • Park users who fail to comply with rules of the park and chapter 9-14 of Boise City Code may be asked to leave.