Spring Cleanup Boise

The City of Boise kicks off Spring recyclable pick up in or around April of every year! The information below is as current as we’ve found. Click the links to find the official information as needed!

This is your opportunity to get rid of those extra leaves, trimmings and other yard waste left over from last Fall. There are two weeks of unlimited curbside trash service (check out the calendar for dates) that won’t require your valuable overflow stickers. All you have to do is follow these simple guidelines:

Set out extra trash in 20-32 gallon containers or recyclable paper lawn refuse bags 3 feet from your blue recycle and beige trash carts. Any refuse set out in plastic bags or in unapproved containers is NOT collected at all and will sit there until the end of time!

  • You can even bundle up tree branches and trimmings cut to 4 lengths. Keep the bundles small enough for the pick up guys to lift. This is under 65 pounds. Set them out next to the leaf bags and approved containers.
  • If you have more recyclable materials than can fit into your blue recycling cart you can use cardboard boxes. Just label them “RECYCLING” and set it next to the blue recycling cart.
  • If you have large items, you can call Republic Services at 345-1266 to schedule collection. This is a a year round, normal service that is free.
  • You can also put used motor oil in clear one-gallon jugs for pick up too. Set hem next to your beige trash cart.

NOTE: For hazardous waste, electronics, batteries, etc. please check out the information at this website!

If you have questions or need advice, email Boise City at curbit@cityofboise.org, call 208-608-7136 or visit the Curbit Boise website by clicking here.

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