Ada the Elk In Memoriam

About Ada, her obituary, memorial and fundraiser plus links to and Idaho Statesman story about Ada by the North End’s Anna Webb.


Photo courtesy of Nancy DeWitt

Northenders are great people. Many of us followed and got to know ‘Ada the North End Elk’ during here almost 3 month stay in the North End, (see the original story by clicking here), during one of the harshest winters on record in Boise.

Thanks to Anna Guthrie for this video of Ada at the Downtown Teaching Garden.

We were all saddened to have our noble, gentle friend die while staying with us. Many of her last days were spent near and around the Downtown Teaching Farm where she foraged and spent her nights. And, while the warmer weather made for more sightseers, she continued to stay calm. Almost, we like to think, like she felt she belonged here.

As a result of her passing a couple of suggestions came forward on The Northend Facebook group to memorialize Ada.  The ones that stuck were suggested by Lila Havens, who came up with the idea for a memorial and a fundraising effort was startede and organized by Jeannie McCarthy-Jaggi.  Billy Fox gave his time and expertise to the Ada Memorial and your’s truly and Billy designed the benefit shirts.  #RIPAda

Ada’s Obituary
by Jim Harper

Ada the Elk was born (probably in Idaho) in the mid-1990’s. The fierce winter of 2016/17 and her advanced age led to her first appearance in Boise’s North End in March of 2017 near the intersection of Ada and 6th (thus her name).

Ada immediately captured the hearts and minds of our North End neighborhood. She soon made her way to the community gardens on Fort St. and, finding ample and excellent forage there, settled in. Ada came to epitomize the caring and compassionate spirit of the North End and lived here peacefully until her passing on March 17, 2017. Thanks for the memories, Ada, you will not soon be forgotten. Rest in Peace.

A celebration of life will be held on April 8th in the Boise Coop parking lot from 9 – 4. In lieu of flowers, t-shirts will be sold with proceeds going to Boise Animals in Distress.

Ada’s Memorial
by Billy Fox

The Ada the North End Elk memorial was designed and fabricated by Billy Fox. Billy is a metal fabricator and was among those who wanted to pay tribute to Ada who had “won hearts in the North End and beyond”.  The dedication of the Ada memorial will be April 5, 2017 at the Downtown Teaching Garden at 1113 W. Fort St. (near the corner of 12th and Fort) in Boise.

Click here for a video interview by Anna Webb for the Idaho Statesman.


Ada the North End Elk Memorial Fundraiser

Members of our The Northend group have come together to create a tee short memorializing Ada with designs by Billy Fox (the memorial) and Dave Green of the website (shown below). Proceeds from the sale of the shirts will be donated to the Animals in Distress Association as voted on by a poll of group members.

Volunteers will have a table outside the Boise Co-op in the North End Saturday April 8, 2017 from 9AM to 4PM selling the Ada the North End Elk and RIP Ada tee shirts.

Shirts will also be available at North End businesses like Java Hyde Park, Hyde Perk, Hyde House and Idaho River Sports.

Online orders will be taken via PayPal by clicking here when available.


More Information

More about Ada can be found in articles by Northender Anna Webb of the Idaho Statesman by clicking here.

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