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  1. Delgado says:

    How disgustingly biased. This is why media is fake. It has abandoned the right. It is absolutely worth considering and discouraging the tyranny and oppression of the government of today, which is exactly what Sam Adams speaks of in the quote you cite here. Numbers are fudged, everyone knows it. Government funding is given to institutions for confirmed and PROBABLE cases, which don’t even have to be tested! Conflict of interest! Testing is also inaccurate, at best. Do the research and see for yourself! Perhaps people like to be talked down to and treated like children by “vain and aspiring men” ie. all career politicians of today who feel they can tell you whats best for your health, override your doctor and do away with whatever God given liberty they feel like in the name of “public safety.” There was another country in recent history that did the same thing, and nobody is talking about Jewish lives matter.

    1. Dave says:

      Happy to post your comment…. kind of proves my point about the right… spreading disinformation far and wide.

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