#snowmageddon 2016/2017

Featured image of Boise River by Jocelyn Pulver

One of the great anecdotes that has characterized Boise’s weather over the years is Boise is where “you can ski in the morning, then play a round a golf after lunch.” And then there’s #snowtato turned #snowmaggedon – Winter 2016/2017 will be one to remember.

Snowmageddon 2017 has been actively attacking much of the west during this past month, dumping massive amounts of precipitation and causing major disruptions in multiple regions. If you are close to any mountain range in the West, you’re probably in the middle of one of the craziest couple of months of your life. Check out the last four years of temperatures for Boise for December 1, 2016 through January 14, 2017 below!


The two blue lines indicate the “normal” temperature range, and you’ll notice the Weather Underground shifted the scale to accommodate the new low temps for 2016/2017.

Now, it has been said by many, the weather and snowfall is “just like what we used to have when I was kid”.  The truth is, unless you were a kid in the 1890’s, you’re probably exaggerating a bit. It’s true we’ve had significant snowfall from time to time in Boise. 1983 and 1988 come to mind, but according to the National Weather Service, December 1, 2016 through January 11, 2017 broke all kinds of records.


We’ve also experienced unprecedented snow days for our schools effectively stretching Christmas break to three weeks instead of two. The snow was the first blow, the second blow was the potential for flooding and structural failure, the third blow as the ice as temps plummeted. The extended break meant one thing… sledding!!


What has come out of the frequent interruptions of our “normal” winter routines has been a real sense of community. When faced with and overwhelmed Ada County Highway District, neighbors started helping neighbors clearing sidewalks…


When the snow turned to ice and we were threatened with runoff and flooding problems, neighbors helping neighbors cleared storm water drains and cleared ice and snow from neighbors roofs and parking areas…


Northenders are special people. Sure, there will always be a few complainers, but the vast majority of Northenders know how to get things done for and with each other… neighbors helping neighbors.


Photos by Jim Harper, Meagan Newberry, Amy Silver, Andrea Burstedt Neeser and Dave Green.








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