Boise Elections 2023 – BOISE WINS!!

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Independent study ranks Boise BEST for urban COVID recovery, economy/demographics, business conditions, crime, etc. since 2019 when compared to 21 cities in study including the primary target of the analysis NYC. This analysis is by Chairman of Market and Investment Strategy Michael Cembalist of JP Morgan Chase, one of the top strategic business analysts anywhere.

The outcomes are a testament to the work done by Mayor McLean, the Boise City Council since 2020, our city’s management team and the perseverance and creativity of our engaged citizens. Check out the story via BoiseDev by clicking here.

Introduction & Editorial

Senator Melissa Wintrow (D19) and Mayor McLean

There so much to consider when thinking about this year’s Boise municipal elections. In a July Pew Research poll it was clear when Americans think about the candidates they support, they assign far more importance to shared political beliefs than to other shared characteristics such as religion, racial and ethnic background, and gender. In fact, no more than a quarter of Americans say it’s extremely or very important that candidates share each of these five characteristics with them.

What is clear is Americans’ negative feelings about politics today and elected officials in general extend to their views about the quality of the people who run for office and the reasons why they do. Shockingly, only 15% of Americans think all or most elected officials run for office because they wanted to serve the public while 63% feel people run for office to “make a lot of money”. The absurdity of this is clear when you consider very few elected offices pay much at all, and the prospects after leaving office aren’t usually very appealing either.

This year the contrast is stark… an experienced, passionate. historic public servant with decades of experience across the spectrum of our city’s public service landscape and a newcomer to elective politics whose only experience is a short, ten-year stint as Boise Police Chief. The ideas and policy stands he has put out for voters to consider are about limiting progress, stifling dissent in the face of an entrenched GOP legislature, and taking steps backward from stands on climate, reproductive rights, immigration, LGBTQ rights and solving our housing and homelessness challenges. Mayor Lauren McLean, on the other hand, is tireless in her pursuit of progressive, Boise ideas and solutions.

Mayor Lauren McLean
Boise Mayor (incumbent)

Mayor Lauren McLean is “a conservation champion” says Conservation Voters for Idaho in their endorsement statement and Planned Parenthood says she is a “champion for reproductive health care, including restoring access to abortion, birth control, and sex education”. She is supported by Idaho’s labor leaders and Boise’s small business community for her tireless efforts to protect our citizens and small businesses during the pandemic when she took our public health seriously and gave cover to small businesses who were being crippled by COVID-19 staff illness.

Only the strongest, most experienced leader would be able to see our dynamic city through tough times in the face of misinformation, conspiracy theories and threats the way Lauren has.

We enthusiastically support our friend and neighbor Lauren McLean for Boise. She’s the first woman elected to be mayor in Boise’s 150 year history! She led the effort in 2001 to save the Boise Foothills for future generations after getting her Masters of Public Administration from Boise State University. She’s shown great courage as well as leadership during divisive times here in Idaho and across the country.

She knows Boise better than most and is the most qualified, progressive candidate running.

Colin Nash
Boise City Council District 2 (incumbent)

Colin and Rep. Chris Mathias (D19)

Since being appointed to Boise City Council in April 2023, Colin Nash worked to improve transportation, increase our tree canopy and protect Boise’s open spaces. He jumped in where Elaine Clegg left off with the City of Trees Challenge and he played a crucial role in passing Boise’s Modern Zoning Code that emphasizes affordable housing practices.

Colin was elected District 16B Idaho Representative in 2020. During his time in the Idaho legislature, Nash helped pass a historic investment in Idaho’s public lands, and helped fund efforts that support farmers and help conserve water across the state.

He is committed to working with Mayor McLean to increase the number of parks in West Boise and achieve the goal to have all Boiseans within a 10 minute walk of a park.

Jordan Morales
Boise City Council District 4

Jordan is Boise State University Computer Science Department’s manager. Morales has been heavily involved as a volunteer in finding ways for all Boiseans to be able to afford housing. That led him to support the Boise Zoning Code Rewrite, which passed unanimously earlier this year. Jordan is committed to improving public transportation, increase the number of walking paths and safe biking lanes, and protect the city’s open spaces.

He will continue working to find policies that increase the kinds of housing in the city, so every family can afford a home.

Another of his important commitments is to go where the Idaho Legislature has failed and make progress ensuring all families have access to affordable childcare.

Meredith Stead, Boise City Council
Boise City Council District 5 (incumbent)

Meredith was appointed to Boise City Council in 2023 to fill a vacancy left by former Council President Holli Woodings. Meredith has been a volunteer for years and served on the Boise Planning and Zoning Commission beginning in 2018. During that time, she worked to protect Boise’s open spaces, create walkable neighborhoods, and provide Boiseans with a variety of housing options. Stead also supported the passage of Boise’s Modern Zoning Code.

She is also endorsed by the Idaho Conservation League and other civics organizations. She has committed to continue her work investing in pedestrian and bicycle connectivity, and valley-wide mass transit. She will also continue protecting our natural resources, open spaces, water, and air with smart investments and conservation policy, and fighting for every Boisean’s access to equal and consistent city amenities including parks, transportation, connectivity, and emergency services.

Jimmy Hallyburton
City Council President
Candidate for Boise City Council District 6 (incumbent)

While Jimmy is unopposed, it’s an honor to endorse him. He has been a super active, progressive voice in the redest of states but hasn’t shied away from being a conservation champion and leader. Because of him Boise is a safer place to walk and bike. His credits include the Pathways Master Plan, 112 miles of off-street walking and biking paths that connect the city of Boise. He was also instrumental in helping pass the Modern Zoning Code, and helped add multiple new provisions that will lead to a more sustainable and affordable future.

In addition, Hallyburton has worked very effectively with Mayor McLean to make trails and playgrounds more accessible so everyone in Boise can enjoy outdoor spaces safely and conveniently. His service with Boise Bicycle Project is legendary nationally.


Boise Modern Zoning “Can Boise Save Itself” – Steven R. Miller

This PDF is a must read for anyone serious about Boise’s zoning code rewrite and what’s at stake.
Can Boise Save Itself? Yes, with the right leadership. Click here or use the link below.

Boise PD Racism and Retribution Campaign

Racist Bryngelson

Article describing the pending lawsuit brought by former Chief of Police Lee against several of Masterson’s command team who conspired to have Lee ousted through alleged innuendo, slander and libelous acts.

Click here for the BoiseDev article about the recent Chief Lee lawsuit against a group of officers. It is compelling.

Click here to read the BoiseDev article on the results of the Steptoe investigation.

Boise Police Department Chief Tenure

I’m always a fan of hiring from within, this is the first thing that came to mind when Dave Bieter chose Mike Masterson to suceed Don Pierce, another import from out-of-state for Police Chief. We’re so luck to be able to get back on track with Chief Winegar.

  1. Larry Paulsen 31 years with BPD
  2. Ron Winegar 30 years with BPD
  3. John Church 29 years with BPD
  4. Bill Bones 27 years with BPD
  5. Mike Masterson 10 years with BPD

Pictured: John Church

Community as a Constant: Police

Click here or the following link for a recent, short history of the Boise Police.

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