North End Frontline Love

One thing that always comes through as a strength of our North End community is selfless giving. Over the past 40 years or more I have seen am increase in giving across the board. Not only is this an important part of our culture, it is a fundamental value we all share. From creating great nonprofits to finding it in our hearts to give back, it has never been more evident than during the COVID-19 pandemic and crisis.

A little background… During my last couple of visits to St. Lukes in March for my year long cancer journey, the COVID-19 crisis was beginning to push into our daily lives. By the time I went in for my CT scan on March 23rd, the hospital was in virtual lock down. When I re-posted a photo of Frontline nurses imploring people to #stayathome on my “The Northend” Facebook group, I mentioned doing something for them. One of the first people who jumped in, besides my companion in all things Jo, was North End “super volunteer” Jeannie of Ada The Elk fame.

St. Lukes Nursing Staff

I love having the opportunity to do something for the people who I have been depending on for over a year and hit up the usual, local businesses – the Boise Co-op and Jo’s Idaho River Sports, Goody’s and so on to make 150 “North End Frontline Love” goody bags. Jeannie jumped right in with help from her employer Mallard Family Dental with bags and dental goodys. We were off. Jeannie, as always, took over the process and I gathered up the bulk of the donations. The Co-op offered fresh baked cookies, Idaho River Sports added pens, All Good lip balm and CLIF Bar kicked in hundreds of bars. Goody’s offered up sundae gift certificates.

As I began coordinating deliveries, Jeannie started building the bags. She’s fast and very good at what she does. Here she is with the flock of goody bags all assembled.

The day of deliveries we met and loaded up both of our cars. the deliveries came off great and we were so gratified by the reception at both hospitals. Jo stepped up to make sure local bicycle police, the folks at the Ridenbaugh EMS station and others go a goody bag as well.

Again, a special thanks to Jo Cassin of Idaho River Sports and her partners All Good Brand and CLIF Bar, Mo Valko of the Boise Co-op, Elizabeth Palmateer and her manager Megan from Goody’s and, of course Jeannie and Dr. Tim Paventy!

Our North End community has never been better.

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  1. You guys ROCK!! Thank you for making our community such a wonderful place to live! 😁❤

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